Responsible Investment

Investment Principles

Investment Principles

GEL does not necessarily look for companies that have well established ESG policies or processes, however it is a requirement that they adopt responsible behaviors that are ESG aligned and that move them forward toward a net zero carbon footprint.

ESG Compliance

Compliance with ESG regulations is a fundamental tenet of our purpose as our pursuits are entirely oriented toward moving humans to living sutainably together on our planet

As part of our operating model, we have two general approaches to influencing sustainable human behavior:

1. External impact: Our portfolio companies must produce products that assist with scalable progress toward the SDGs.

2. Internal impact: Our portfolio companies are required to commit to the development of their own ESG plans within their own organizations through a periodic scorecarding process that is jointly analyzed. We support them to make their own progress through this effort

In order to promote this, GEL supports them with dedicated outreach and communication from our own internal sustainability team. This includes assistance in identitying opportunities to reduce carbon footprint, staff training protocol and advisory.

We will not consider companies or projects that do not meet these criteria because they do not align with our own organizational beliefs, nor do they

ESG Cycle

Environmental Sustainability and Resource Efficiency

  • Reduce the negative impact of operations and practices on the environment
  • Manage water scarcity and ensure efficient and equitable access to clean sources.
  • Mitigate impact on all types of natural capital.
  • Diminish climate-related risks and reduce carbon emissions
  • Drive sustainability innovation and resource efficiency through business operations or other activities, products and services.

Equitable Societies and Respect for Human Rights

  • Respect consumers by marketing products and services in a fair and ethical manner, maintaining integrity in customer relations and ensuring the security of sensitive consumer data.
  • Respect consumers by marketing products and services in a fair and ethical manner, maintaining integrity in customer relations and ensuring the security of sensitive consumer data.
  • Promote diversity and gender equity across workplaces, marketplaces and communities
  • Demonstrate a commitment to employees by promoting development, communication, appropriate economic opportunity and decent workplace standards.
  • Respect the health and wellbeing of consumers and other users of products and services by promoting product safety

Accountable Governance and Transparent Operations

  • Provide responsible stewardship of capital in the best interests of shareholders and debt holders.
  • Exhibit accountable governance and develop effective boards or other governing bodies that reflect expertise and diversity of perspective and provide oversight of sustainability risk and opportunity.
  • Include environmental and social risks, impacts and performance in material financial disclosures to inform shareholders and debt holders, benefit stakeholders and contribute to strategy.
  • Lift ethical standards in all operations, including in dealings with customers, regulators and business partners.
  • Demonstrate transparency and accountability in addressing adverse events and controversies while minimizing risks and building trust

Investment Strategy

ESG Cycle

Purpose Investing

GEL’s investment strategy focuses on four basic elements:

SDG alignment; must be able to deliver meaningful progress toward sustainability ESG compliance; must work to improve internal practices toward sustainable Impact; must be able to scale and make impact across relatively large geographic area Three P’s; must have great product(s), great people and able to be profitable

Data is becoming more supportive for companies that manage their financially material ESG factors may outperform over time. Not only is trending positively as we collectively invest is responsible companies, but we continue to ensure that ESG becomes the model for all companies in our pursuit of developing our planet sustainably.